Box of Delights

I was a little sceptical when my beloved came back from the auctions with this box:

He told me that it was extra to the auction catalogue and he’d been the only bidder. “Well”, I thought, “There’s probably a reason for that”, there’s a good market in jewellry down in Cornwall, whether costume, quality or vintage, and although he has a great taste in jewellery when it comes to buying for me (although I have been known to plant the odd seed of an idea of what might be appreciated) I wasn’t sure his ‘bargain’ would yield anything saleable.

A first look under the lid was promising! Certainly the volume was there, maybe there would be some value.

And then I spotted these:

And these:

Two of this unusual brooch (in black and brown) which I think is made of bakelite

These fun floral earrings

A paste ‘diamond’ bracelet

This lovely sparkling ‘jewelled’ brroch

And more costume jewellery that I haven’t cleaned up yet.

So, I think I owe him a huge apology! His bargain is a real treasure trove, and the bits I can’t sell I’ll be happy to wear, so a win win situation all round.