End of an Era

Yesterday, Brother announced that the last typewriter had been made in Britain.  I can’t help feeling that we have seen the end of an era.

I grew up with typewriters, carbon paper and white-out fluid. My university assignments were written on a portable manual typewriter at a time when most of my contemporaries were writing theirs manually, and I still use the touch typing skills I learnt then.

SALE - Vintage manual typewriter turquoise / aqua blue  - Imperial

If you saw an office on TV or in a film, the sound of typewriters would have been as much a part of the background as the fug of cigarette smoke.

Of course, the advent of the computer has given us so much more than a replacement for the typewriter and it would be churlish to want to return to the days of a manual keyboard. But I wonder how long it will be before any form of keyboard is replaced by tablets, smart gloves and gesture technology? To our grandkids, a PC may need explaining in the same way today’s parents have had to explain what this model typewriter is for when I’ve shown it at vintage fairs.

Vintage Typewriter Toy

Vintage Typewriter Toy

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