Auction Finds

This past weekend revolved around viewings for auctions. There are four being held in the local area this week, so getting a clear idea of where to go and what to bid for (and how much) is crucial, especially as I have to rely on my beloved to bid for me while I’m doing the day job.

Here’s a few items that I picked out:

These enamel Butlin’s badges were mementos of someone’s 60s holidays:

Enamel badges from Butlins

This child’s garden roller has seen a lot of love, imagine the pleasure that it must have given a child back in the 50s:

Mickey Mouse Garden Roller

Mickey Mouse Garden Roller

This unusual green and white enamel kitchen scale uses weights sliding along bars to measure what’s in the tray:

Vintage Enamel Scales

Vintage Enamel Scales

This wonderfully retro radio in red and cream was once some teenagers pride and joy!

Fun Retro portable radio

Fun Retro portable radio

And finally, this fabulous fifties fridge has a snazzy red enamel top, just the thing for a retro kitchen.Enamel Topped Fridge

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