On the hunt for new old stuff

I have been buying stock from auctions for some time now, and thought that I had all the local auctions sussed. There’s a group of dealers in the area and they all tend to keep their sources close to their chests. So I was very excited to hear on the grapevine that a new auction house had opened locally. The only problem was that no-one could/would give clear directions to the place, and it was too new to be listed in any directories.

So, on the supposed date of the auction I went hunting. Armed with a set of instructions that said ‘turn right at Morrisons’ I drove round housing estates and dead ends until I was in danger of running out of fuel, but could not find the place.

Flash forward to this week and I went hunting again. And this time – success! I turned left at Lidl and there it was. Strange how the original instructions were so close and yet so different.

And after all that effort, there were only about 100 lots to chose from, and nothing I was intersted in.

But, I will persevere. It’s only their third auction so it should get better as they get better known. But of course, then the competition will be greater. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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